signs of food addiction

Spotting The Signs Of Food Addiction

Signs of food addiction are remarkably similar to signs of addiction to booze and hard drugs..

In my opinion food addiction is the most common dangerous addiction of all.

Dr Julie: “Has it occurred to you you’re addicted to food?”

Patient: “Why do you say that????” Along with a horrified look on their face.

Dr Julie: “Because you’re showing all the signs of food addiction”

Patient – “I didn’t know that was even a real thing!”



Signs Of Food Addiction

There’s a massive difference to occasional over-eating and addiction to food.

When you cross over to addiction you feel powerless around food. You want to change but can’t.

You feel hopeless. You’ve tried diets or healthy eating plans but can’t stick to them for very long.

You can’t control yourself around food. You may intend on eating a ‘normal amount’ but it doesn’t work.

You think about food nearly all of the time.

Consequences Of Food Addiction

The emotional toll of food addiction is huge – it’s associated with a lot of unhappiness and often dislike of yourself, even if you put a jolly face on.

You’re probably increasingly worried about your health. The patient I was speaking to worried every day that they would have a big heart attack and leave their family behind. I couldn’t alleviate that fear, because unless she changes that could happen.

As a doctor I’m picking up the pieces of the physical problems caused by food addiction every day – the high blood pressure, the type 2 diabetes, and the crumbling knees.

Food Addiction Is Not Taken Seriously

I don’t think food addiction is fully recognized yet, even though it’s staring us in the face.

It’s not recognized by the health profession or even people who suffer it.

It’s only when you recognize you’ve got the signs of food addiction, accept you’ve got a problem, and then reach out for the help you need. Then at least you stand a chance of breaking the habit to get your power back over food, and regain your health.

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Have a great week!

Dr Julie


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