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As a GP I see lots of people coming in complaining of being sleepy all the time, and lacking energy.

Depending on the rest of the story I might run some tests to check for things like diabetes, thyroid issues, anemia, and other common problems.

But much more commonly feeling sleepy all the time has its route somewhere else.

Your Body Is A Temple

In your body you have billions and billions of individual discrete living cells. They all do their own little job in keeping your body running. The sum of all of those individual contributions is how good you feel.

Although each cell is a self-contained unit they all depend on you.

You are responsible for delivering to them what they need, and this enables them to perform at their best – for you. It’s only when the cells of your body get what they need that they can fire on all cylinders, making you feel great!

You can love all of those cells and give them what they need to thrive. Or you can be mean to them by not giving them what they need, and instead bathing them in toxins on a regular basis.

The overall result of how you treat the billions of cells in your body is how you get to feel.

Are you loving the cells that make up your body by:

  • Keeping hydrated which facilitates movement of nutrients and waste
  • Eating a whole food diet which gives cells raw materials to build and repair
  • Getting enough sleep which allows them to rejuvenate
  • Taking some exercise which encourages them to produce more energy

Are you being horrible to your cells by exposing them to enough toxins in injure them by:

  • Drinking too much caffeine and alcohol which stresses and damages cells
  • Eating too much processed and refined food which is destructive to cells
  • Skipping sleep and not allowing your cells to rest and recharge
  • Spending too much time inactive so they get unaccustomed to producing energy

How you treat your cells most of the time will produce your reward. How you feel is down to the combination of all their best efforts given the circumstances you’ve provided for them to do their job.

Are you making possible for your body to feel good? This blog will help.

Joie De Vivre

I find a lot of patients who complain of being sleepy all the time have lost their joy of living somewhere along the line.

Life has become humdrum with no passion or excitement. There is nothing in their diary to look forward too. They are not learning anything new, have no enthusiasm, are bored, and some spend a lot of time moaning and complaining.

Human beings are intelligent and creative creatures. This is our nature. Learning, playing, having fun, getting excited about new adventures should not stop when we’re no longer children. This kind of positive emotion produces energy, without it we’ll feel like a flat tire.

What are you doing on a regular basis to feed your mind and your positive emotions?

What are you learning? What are you enjoying? What are you looking forward to?

Food For Your Soul

It’s a great start to nurture your body and mind, and to feel really wonderful you’ll feed your soul too.

There are many different ways to this, and it’s about finding out what does it for you. You might know what that is already, even if you haven’t done it for ages.

What makes you feel good, like all is well? It could be any number of things:

  • Meditation, prayer
  • Yoga, Tai Chi
  • Gardening, feeling connected to nature
  • Playing music
  • Painting, creating art
  • Spending time with inspiring and uplifting people

Sleepy All The Time

It’s not very often that there’s a quick easy fix for feeling sleepy all the time.

I view this as a clear sign that your life is out of balance, and an opportunity to have a good look at where you are right now.

The journey to get back to feeling well all of the time can be fun, interesting, and a return to feeling the joy of life.

Just the kind of things I’ll be focusing on during my retreat in May.

Don’t hesitate to get in contact with any questions.

Have a great week!

Dr Julie




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