Sore Knees – Surprisingly Simple to Improve

sore knees

Are sore knees inevitable when you get into your 40’s and older?

Yes and no!

Perhaps yes, if you’re not looking after them, and probably no, if you are.

Why Do You Get Sore Knees?

The end of a bone usually comes up close to the end of another bone, at a joint. The ends of the bones are covered in cartilage. This cartilage should be smooth so the two surfaces glide over each other with no friction.

It is completely normal for a very small number of the surface cartilage cells to die and peel away as these two surfaces glide over each other. New cells take their place, providing everything is working ok, and you’re giving your body what it needs.

If your body is not keeping up with the normal loss of cartilage, or you are doing something to speed up the loss, then the quality of your cartilage reduces; it starts getting a bit rough around the edges. Joints can start getting sore when this happens.

Also friction in the joint builds up, as the surface isn’t as smooth as it should be. Therefore surface cells get damaged more quickly and don’t last as long as they should. Your body can’t keep up with this fast loss.

Sore Knees – Back to Basics

Lots of water is held within the matrix of cartilage cells, giving cartilage its lubrication so that it can protect the surface of the joint.

Cartilage needs water to maintain its smooth structure. Your body also needs water to make new cartilage.

If you are not consistently giving your body adequate water, your cartilage is fairly low down on the priority list, so it’s going to suffer. For example – your brain comes first, and other organs are way more important than your joints.

Dehydrated cartilage loses its firm, smooth surface. Friction builds up which increases the loss of cartilage. There isn’t adequate water available to make good quality cartilage to replace what’s being worn away.

The result is sore knees and possibly arthritis and sore joints in other areas too.

It is vital to hydrate your body properly, if you don’t something will break down at some point. Cartilage is a really common thing to suffer.

To hydrate properly:

  1. Drink 8 glasses of water/day
  2. Keep dehydrating drinks to a minimum – caffeine and alcohol

Your body is mostly made up of water so it makes sense that this is what it wants most of every day.

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Dr Julie

4 thoughts on “Sore Knees – Surprisingly Simple to Improve”

    1. Hi Nev. Getting properly hydrated was one of the key things that helped get my knee problem sorted.
      You can look at just about any health problem, and long-term dehydration could be playing a part. It is SO important!
      Thanks for commenting ๐Ÿ™‚

  1. Hi Julie, been drinking just over 2 litres a day for a few months now (I’m 70 kg). But I haven’t noticed much of an improvement in my feet, knees or fingers yet. I’ll keep drinking as it’s good for me anyway, but typically how soon should I see an improvement. My rf was below 50 at last test, but I’m concerned as I’m only 44 and feel old! I’m also wheat free for a couple of months now as well. Actually my left hand did improve for a week or so, but is now hurting again. Many thanks, Justine

    1. Hi Justine
      Well done on the changes you’ve made so far.
      What do you mean by your rf?
      If you’re not feeling much in the way of benefit yet, don’t worry because you’ve laid a good groundwork with what you’ve done so far.
      There is obviously something that you are doing, or not doing, that is getting in the way of progress.
      One important thing for joints is exercise, even if it’s gentle.
      The other dietary thing that can cause inflammation, in addition to wheat, is sugar and refined carbs.
      Also consider that you need to give your body quality raw materials to make repair work – plenty of fresh whole foods.

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