sugar and cancer

Sugar and Cancer

If you eat a lot of sugar, &/or foods that are converted to sugar, you may be increasing your chances of getting cancer, because there’s a link between sugar and cancer. If you already have cancer you may be speeding up its progression by continuing to eat sugar.

This is another good reason to get your carbs right. Last week we had an introduction to foods with good carbs, in relation to weight. Food isn’t only about weight. Our regular eating habits can have more dire consequences than piling on the pounds. It’s usually weight that takes centre stage though.

Many cancers, particularly the common ones, more often happen to people who are overweight. Poor dietary choices aren’t exclusive to the overweight by any means and obviously slim people do get cancer too.

Otto Heinrich Warburg won 2 Nobel Prizes in the first half of the 20th century. He linked the breakdown of sugar in our bodies as the prime cause, and ongoing supporter, of cancer. I find it amazing that this knowledge has been available to us for nearly a hundred years but in that time our consumption of sugar, and foods that turn into sugar when we eat them, has increased dramatically.

People recognise that something has gone wrong with their eating when they get fat. Often the first thing they do is attempt to change what they are eating. Unfortunately this often involves going on a diet rather than learning about what your body needs to be fit and slim.

What I find surprising is that when people get something awful, like cancer, very little focus it put on diet. This is probably because doctors rarely bring it up. We learned next to nothing about nutrition at medical school, maybe that’s why.

The human body does not need sugar and refined white carbohydrates. To be healthy reduce your sugar intake to a minimum and chose whole grain over refined white rubbish that turns to sugar almost as soon as it hits you stomach.

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