Sugar Cravings (at that time of the month)

sugar cravings

These week’s blog is more for my lady readers. I recently got asked a great question from someone who is doing Uber Slim.

The Question

I have been struggling a little this week – why is it that some of us experience intense chocolate, carb and sugar cravings the week before our period is due? Is there any way of counteracting this?

My Answer

That is a really good question. Serotonin (the happy brain messenger) levels drop premenstrualy.This drop is normal, but if your routine level isn’t very high then it doesn’t take much for your serotinin level to become too low – triggering symptoms of food and sugar cravings, and maybe low mood and irritability too.If you maintain high levels of serotonin then this natural drop at this time goes unnoticed, because you haven’t reached the threshold level that would cause you problems.It sounds like your levels aren’t as high as they could be, so your natural drop before your period pushes you below your threshold, and you experience problems as a result.

You have learned, as have a lot women, that you feel better when you eat refined carbs &/or sugar, even if it’s not for long. Sugar and refined carbs trigger serotonin release, which makes you feel temporarily better. The reason you’re drawn to rubbish is that the effect is fast.

To overcome this you want to focus on health as a whole, and gradually put into place everything you are learning on the course. By doing this these cravings will reduce and at some point stop.

You know when this is likely to happen so I would suggest making sure you’ve got your food planned for the day, making sure you don’t get too hungry. Eat complex carbs, not refined crap. Good fats and oils will help too – avocado, seeds, nuts.

The other thing of course is exercise – that increase serotonin levels.

This is not a quick fix but you will get there!

So this week has been very much for the ladies. Men – if you want something for you let me know what it is and I will do a ‘man week’!

Until next week

Uber Health

Dr Julie

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