The Essential Guide To Menopause by Dr Julie Coffey

The Essential Guide To Menopause, Conventional HRT, & Bio-identical HRT


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My introduction to the term ‘bio-identical HRT’ came to me at my hairdressers, and I thought “What’s she talking about?”

At this point I’m 2 and a half years into my own menopause, not doing too badly, but hardly feeling like Wonder Women either.

My interest was piqued, especially as I was starting to wonder if I was doing the best I could be to look after myself.

And so started an enthusiastic research project!

The main thing I’ve learned – women in the UK are generally not even aware of the choices available, let alone offered them.

As a doctor I wasn’t even aware! But I am now and want to share it, because I’m of the opinion women are generally short-changed when they seek help to manage their menopause.

I have learned a lot lately. I have much more to share with you as I learn even more. Stay with me,  and please send me all your questions and comments about this massively important time in your life.

Warm wishes

Dr Julie

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