walking to lose belly fat

Walking To Lose Belly Fat

Walking to lose belly fat is the ideal adjunct to last week’s tip, but the biggest benefit comes from the timing. The two combined are a brilliant and very easy combo to lose weight generally and improve health.

This is another life change I encourage my coaching clients to get into at an early stage because it really is another of the low hanging fruits, and a really easy entry point. The benefits compared to the effort is huge – just like with last week.

Belly fat tends to creep up on you in middle age if you’re not careful, and women who’ve never had a problem with it before may start noticing muffin tops appearing for the first time at the menopause.

You can prevent this happening, but if it already has you can get rid of it.

Walking To Lose Belly Fat

Walking at any time of the day is an under-rated exercise, and underutilised in a lot of people! However, when you combine walking with last week’s tip you ramp up the fat burning you’re already doing in the morning.

If you have a walk in the morning before you’ve broken your overnight fasted state your body will still be running its fat burning program. So you’ll be burning fat when having a walk at this time.

Imagine the compound benefit of that when you start making this the thing you do every morning.

Lulu the water loving greyhound

Dog walkers like me can easily have this nailed by having the dog walk before taking any calories on board.

A friend needs to take two trams to work. She’s now skipping the first tram to get her walk in and eating a bit later at work. It doesn’t even have to be walking. It can be lightly bouncing on a mini trampoline.

I am just talking about light exercise here.

Remember though – walking to lose belly fat includes walking whenever you’ve got the opportunity. It’s great at any time of the day, it’s just the most effective when you do it in a fasted state.

Have a great week!

Dr Julie

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