Weighing Food – Can It Be An Aid to Weight Loss?

weighing food

Some diet plans have you weighing out everything you eat. At the very least this tends to take some of the fun out of meal times, but does it help you get your portion sizes right and help you lose weight?

Much like calorie controlled diets (more info on those here), diets that advocate weighing your food have a fundamental problem. It divorces you from your body’s individual needs and requirements.

Your exact food requirement is not the same as somebody else’s so you cannot eat a prescribed weight of food and expect that to be right for you. This is not a healthy weight loss plan and is highly likely to mess up your metabolism. This will consequently reduce your energy levels and have you feeling pretty rubbish.

A far better weight loss solution is getting back in tune with your body and eating what your body needs. The following steps with help you get there.

Eat when you are hungry

You don’t have to wait until a pre-prescribed meal time. If you are genuinely hungry you should eat. If you are between meals have a healthy snack.

Stop eating when you are satisfied 

Many people eat until they are really full, or even bloated, sometimes in an effort to clear their plate. I was brought up to clear my plate no matter what – “it’s rude to leave food” or “children are starving in Africa”. Eating too much and getting fat doesn’t help starving children, it took me a while to realise that 🙂

Chew well and eat slowly

The stretch receptors in your stomach take time to feed back the message to your brain that you are full. This mechanism works really well when you take time with your food – chew well and eat slowly. When you wolf your food down it is very easy to overshoot the mark and get too full.

The other vital ingredient to getting slim is education about food and nutrition.


Your weight loss solution can be a lot easier than you think, but you do need the correct information to be successful. You need an understanding about nutrition, and you can get that from an expert who will guide you until you know this stuff.

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5 thoughts on “Weighing Food – Can It Be An Aid to Weight Loss?”

    1. Of course, you’re right. One of the things I do on my weight loss course is show pictures of what a certain amount of calories look like. For example, you’ll feel to full up to eat a load of bananas, but equal calories of doughnuts – no problem

  1. I find it really hard to know when I’m ‘satisfied’ and I usually end up overeating. How should I be able to tell when I need to stop eating?

  2. Hi. That’s a really, really good question. A lot of people have asked me that. If you don’t know when to stop eating it suggests two things might be happening with you.
    1. You might be eating too fast. Have a go at eating your next meal a lot slower than normal
    2. Are you in the habit of clearing you plate no matter what’s on it? An empty plate is often the cue to stop eating rather than what your body feels like.
    With you next meal, as well as eating slower, put less on your plate (you can go back for more if you’re not full when you’ve finished it). While you’re eating pay attention to the area just below your breast bone, that’s where your stomach is. You will feel a gentle fullness there when you’ve had enough, but if it’s something you’ve been ignoring recently you’ll have to pay attention.
    PS Great question so if you want to get on my course for half price get in contact with me via the ‘Get Health – Get Slim’ page 🙂

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