The Biggest Weight Loss Block

If you can’t lose weight it’s because you’re holding onto a weight loss block in your mind, and they don’t come much bigger than doubt.

weight loss blockDoubt is literally a gremlin that lives in your mind.

It’s like a virus running in your head and it shows up as the internal voice that says things like:

  • “I just can’t do it”
  • “Nothing works”
  • “I’ll put it all back on anyway so what’s the point”

This is all based on past experience, because gremlins of the mind only have past experience to go on. It has all your previous failed attempts to draw from. Doubt anchors you to your past, and severely limits your beliefs about what you can achieve in your future.

Small children have this power to control their grandparents – they can wrap these experienced adults around their little fingers and get all sorts out of them. And your doubt does the same thing to you – convinces you of something against your better judgement and wants.



Weight Loss Block – From the Outside Too!

If it’s not bad enough that you have ****ers like this in your mind destroying your dreams, it comes from the outside too – but only because you let it. Outside influence supports the doubt weight loss block, if you chose to put yourself in those conversations.

People in doubt about their capabilities often surround themselves by others in doubt too by:

  • Attending largely ineffective weekly weight loss groups
  • Engaging in regular ‘fat chat’ with friends and colleagues (there’s a saying that misery loves misery, but it’s true for doubters too – doubt loves doubt):
    • Collective moaning about being fat
    • Collective complaining about how your body looks
    • Slagging slim people off
    • Offering the cake around, because what’s the point?

I coached someone about her weight loss and we both know some of the same people, one being a super health conscious and fit yogi. I asked my client what would happen to her if we could transplant yogi friend’s mind-set into her head. She said “I wouldn’t need to see you, I’d just do it!”

Total recognition that it’s all in the head.

Dropping Doubt

Your doubt in your ability to lose your weight has to doubt constantly and consistently to sustain itself, because if you didn’t doubt yourself the whole time- you would have no doubt!

Without your doubt anchoring you to your past you could start afresh from this moment and move from there instead.

Without your doubt you would drop your identity as a fat person and be able to do what you probably already know you need to do.

Are you ready to let go of your doubt? Ready to let this weight loss block go?

Or would you prefer to hold onto it?

Your doubt ‘knows’ its right – you cant’ do it!

Do you want to be right, or do you want to be healthy??

Doubt always features as contender for top mind-virus in my coaching clients and it’s one of the easy ones to expose and move beyond.

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Have a great week!

Dr Julie



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