Well, You Are Getting Older

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After appearing on my local radio show last week, and chatting about overcoming a painful knee problem, I’ve had a few emails from people with aches and pains themselves.

Quite a few of you have said that when you went to your doctor one of the things that was said to you was “Well you are getting older…” And I bet you found that really helpful!

You have actually got two ages:

  1. Your chronological age – yes you are getting older and there’s no escaping this one!
  2. Your biological age – which you have a great deal of control over.

You’ll have noticed that some people you meet look a lot younger than their chronological age, and others look loads older. While some of this will be down to their genes most of it is down to the quality of their metabolism.

The quality of your metabolism depends on how you look after it.

Generally I’ve had two sorts of emails from people who heard me on the radio:

Accepted the ‘Getting Older’ line

Some people accepted this from their doctor, or even before they saw their doctor.

Things hurting or not working so well when you get older seems to be the accepted ‘run of things’ for some people, and a lot of doctors. I’ll put my hands up – I’m sure I’ve said this in the past. Sorry! (I don’t say it anymore)

2 Fingers to the “Getting Older” line

These people haven’t accepted that, but have accepted that their doctor can’t help them. They have sought help and/or knowledge from somewhere else and got better. They have taken responsibility themselves to find the solution.

I have been really interested in some of the methods people have been using to get better (more things for me to learn about which is great), but most have improved what they eat as well.

Eating better improves your metabolism. An improving metabolism lowers your biological age leaving you feeling younger, more energetic with less aches and pains!

Find out more information about your metabolism here.

Let me know if you are interested in learning more about this by leaving a comment and I’ll carry on with this topic next week.

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Have an Uber Health week

Dr Julie

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3 thoughts on “Well, You Are Getting Older”

  1. I can really relate to this. My GP wrote off my recurring pain in the hip as being simply down to me getting older. I used to get an ache in my hip joint whenever I went out for a run. He basically told me to put up or stop running. Happily, I ignored him & found some leg/hip exercises on the internet, aimed at strengthening my hip joint. Result – no more achy hips when I go out for a run. (And I swapped doctors, don’t need reminding that I’m getting older)

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