What Causes Wrinkles?

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Brilliant news! You have more control over your wrinkles than you thought, and it doesn’t involve spending a fortune on the latest anti-wrinkle cream πŸ™‚

There is a natural process that happens in your body where glucose (simple sugar in your blood) combines with protein. This process is called glycosylation and is relevant to wrinkles.

High speed wrinkles

Even when things like smoking, alcohol and sun exposure (all cause wrinkles) are taken into account, some of us age faster than others. This was initially highlighted by studies done on people with diabetes which wasn’t under good control. This means their blood glucose levels were high.

These people were going through a high speed ageing process because the high level of glucose in their blood was combining with proteins all over their body. These proteins can’t do their job properly once this has happened, leading to ageing.

What about you?

This doesn’t just happen to poorly controlled diabetics – it happens at varying rates to everyone, but it’s in your control how quickly it happens to you.

The problem is – two thirds of your tongue is covered with sweet taste buds. This dates back to hunter/gatherer times. People needed these to detect complex starches in foods like roots, tubers, fruits and vegetables. We needed these sweet taste buds to tell the difference between good energy sources, i.e. complex starchy food, and poisonous food which are never sweet.

The big problem arose when we started refining food to make sugar and refined carbs. These foods taste good because of the abundance of sweet taste buds on your tongue. But these foods no longer release their sugars slowly, they do it fast and they do it high.

Repeated levels of high glucose causes repeated episodes of glycosylation, far above of what’s normal. One place you can see this is your skin because it affects elastin and collagen – two of the skin’s proteins. Now they can’t function properly and your face gets wrinkly.

Things that help

  1. Reduce your intake of sugar (check labels on packaged and processed food)
  2. Take regular moderate exercise – this reduces the level of glucose in your blood

Basically you would be a lot healthier and look younger without refined sugar in your diet.

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  1. Yep, as usual, I agree with you. Sugar ages you as fast as heavy drinking and smoking. Wanna stay young-looking? Lay off the sugar and refined carbs. Got it.

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