what to give up to lose weight

What To Give Up To Lose Weight

I often get asked by my patients and clients “what to give up to lose weight?”

I could say – refined sugar, refined carbs, and processed ‘food’. Because if people did this, chances are high they’d lose their weight.

However, the question “what to give up to lose weight?” is entrenched in diet mentality. Sticking with diet mentality will not get you happily to living the slim life.

What To Give Up To Lose Weight = WRONG APPROACH!

Looking at it in terms of what you have to give up is an arse-ways view of looking at the problem. This is because it triggers feelings of deprivation and sometimes even fear of hunger – enough to make you put off making a start. Cue our familiar friend procrastination.

There are people who are enjoying long-term success, and they had a different approach.

For them it was less about what to give up to lose weight, and more about going BIG ON HEALTH.

Instead of ‘going small’ and focusing on deprivation successful people ‘go large’ on doing things they know will help them. And as they start feeling better and enjoying more energy, they get a buzz out of that and a positive cycle begins.

The ‘what I have to give up’ mentality is literally squeezed out as the ‘choosing differently’ mentality takes root.

People ‘going big’ on health feel better physically and mentally. Their energy levels pick up and they feel happier. You don’t get this with a diet! Feeling better and better makes making the ‘right choices’ easier and easier.

Getting Over The Hump

People with years of dieting behind them can struggle with leaving all of that behind and instead go big on health. People stuck in diet mentality often say things like “I’ve tried everything and I can’t lose weight!”

what to give up to lose weight But if you can focus for long enough on your health instead of dieting you will get over the initial hump. Once you’ve done that you’ll feel too good to want to go back to you old ways of dieting.

Back to the initial question – what to give up to lose weight? Dieting!

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Have a great week!

Dr Julie

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