Why Am I Always Hungry?

A new Uber Slim member asked me “Why am I always hungry? How can I lose weight when I’m hungry the whole time?” Good question! She needs the answer to this before she can make any progress.

Why Am I Always Hungry?

There are two common reasons why people feel hungry all the time. One is emotional reasons. This when people are using food to make themselves feels better – to combat stress, boredom, upset, etc.

The other is current food choices ramping up your appetite, making you feel hungry even though you may be eating more calories than you need.

Typical Western Diet Largely To Blame

Simply put – your diet is made up of fat, protein and carbs. Out of these three, carbs keep you full up for the least length of time. Modern Western diets are high in carbs. For example, you could have cereals for breakfast, sandwiches for lunch, and then you could have rice, pasta or potatoes with dinner.

You might be eating carb-based snacks in between too.

A diet high in carbs doesn’t necessarily ramp your appetite up, but poor choices regarding carbs does.

Problematic Food

Let’s take white bread or white rice as an example. These are refined grains – the fibre, much of the protein, vitamins and minerals are lost in the refining process. You’re literally left with carbohydrate only, i.e. calories.

Problem number one is a refined food is a nutritionally deficient food. You get lots of calories but your body still needs the smaller nutrients – like the vitamins and minerals. Your body remains hungry for these things. So even though you’ve had sufficient calories, your body will still ask for more food in an attempt to get what it needs – you feel hungry.

Problem number two is the high Glycaemic Index of some carbs, especially refined ones. When things like white bread and white rice hit your stomach they are broken down very quickly to glucose (because there’s nothing left holding them together).

This shoots your blood glucose up rapidly, and results in rebound low blood glucose quite quickly afterwards – you feel ravenous at this point.

So not only do you feel hungry quickly, but you feel VERY hungry.

Why Am I Always Hungry?

Back to my new Uber Slim member and her question “Why am I always hungry?” For her it’s down to her food choices:

  1. Eating a lot of high GI food
  2. Eating a lot of nutritionally deficient refined ‘food’

She’s going to do better choosing whole grains, and varying her diet more. Here are some suggestions I gave her:

  • Instead of toast for breakfast – try porridge or poached eggs on wholegrain spelt toast
  • Instead of sandwiches for lunch – try and omelette or home made  soup with a wholegrain spelt or rye roll
  • Cut down on potatoes and swap white rice and pasta for wholegrain
  • Don’t have white refined carb-based snacks to fill the gap. If you need extra – fruit, nuts, seeds are a good option
  • And MOST IMPORTANT – make sure you’re properly hydrated because thirst can be perceived as hunger!


If you want the full run down on how to get your appetite under control, check out my book – Living The Slim Life.

Living the Slim life cover

Have an Uber Healthy week.

Dr Julie

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