Why Can’t I Lose Weight?

can't lost weight

This is such a common question I get asked at work, so if you find yourself asking it you’re in good company.

After asking a few questions, it nearly always becomes very obvious to me why the person in front of me can’t lose weight. Here are the top 5 reasons:

  1. They are trying to lose weight by dieting – almost guaranteed to fail after a short period of time 
  2. They have done one diet after another and wrecked their metabolism
  3. They are eating a lot of refined carbs and wheat
  4. They aren’t aware of the importance of good hydration
  5. Their diet is nutrient deficient


Diets make you fat

Going on a diet will slow down your metabolism. The more diets you do, the slower it gets and you get bigger as time goes on. Find out why here. Do yourself a big favour and instead of looking for yet another diet learn about what your body needs to be healthy and slim.

Refined carbs and most wheat

These are appetite stimulants. In the case of wheat it was demonstrated quite nicely by a study which showed that people who dropped wheat ate 350-450 less calories each day. You don’t need me to tell you what happened to their weight.


It is all too easy to eat more than you need if you don’t hydrate your body properly. Check last week’s blog.


Despite being overweight people can be nutrient deficient. This can be a result of eating too much refined and processed food or being on a diet. If you don’t have adequate micro-nutrients from a proper diet you can’t burn fat properly.


This isn’t the whole story of why and individual can’t lose weight, but I’ve not doubt they will be contributing.

Your weight loss solution can be a lot easier than you think, but you do need the correct information to be successful. You need an understanding about nutrition, and you can get that from an expert who will guide you until you know this stuff.

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Uber Health :)

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