Meet Dr. Julie Coffey

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Hello! I'm Dr Julie Coffey.

I absolutely love my Uber Health work. I love being and feeling healthy myself, and I love helping people reach better health and happiness themselves.

The thing that gives me a real buzz is taking someone from their belief of not being able to achieve the health and weight they want, to the point that they know that they can. Once that mind-set is achieved weight loss becomes the natural consequence.

Some people have referred to me as a 'health guru', but I don't identify with this label at all! I'm just a pretty normal person who enjoys food as much as anyone.

I went to Sheffield University Medical School in 1989 because I wanted to do something really interesting.

If I’m honest it wasn’t about ‘helping people’ back then, but that is very much the case these days. I’ve been a GP since 1998, but my path has deviated somewhat from the conventional medicine approach, although I am still working in a NHS health centre.

I would say about 80% at least of what I see in my GP work is preventable disease. It’s also potentially reversible. Most illness I see is caused by the way people live and eat. The solution offered by conventional medicine is artificial ‘fixes’ in the form of chemicals – i.e. pharmaceutical drugs.

Little is done to address the real cause of patient’s suffering. It makes me sick that people are put on pill after pill as they get more and more unhealthy, because the cause of their problems are left in place.

Don’t get me wrong though – I am not totally against pharmaceutical drugs, they do have their place sometimes. But there is a much better way for most people and they are not shown how to do this. Doctors don’t get training in nutrition, even though a human body is built and maintained by the quality of food we eat.

The other thing that annoys me is seeing more and more people destroy their health with dieting. The health profession is doing little to help here either. Again because we have no training, despite the consequences of obesity crippling the NHS and cutting many lives short.

Expert In Disease Meets Expert In Health

As a doctor I became an expert in the diseased body, and the drugs to ‘fix’ it. But in my private study I am becoming an expert on the healthy body, and how to restore a body to health. A healthy body does not need pills to hold it together.

I have seem many people reverse common health problems and get off their pills. Maybe this is possible for you.

Since being involved in the real health space it has made me happy to find many other people passionate about the same thing. In time I’d like our voices to join together to create a health revolution. I’d love to see more people enjoying good health because it feels fantastic!

I have more energy and passion for life in my late 40s than I ever did in my 20s. There is no reason why this won’t carry on for quite a few decades more

I do the ‘right things’ about 80-85%% of the time, which is enough to enjoy great health and my ideal weight. It doesn’t need ‘perfection’ to achieve great results with your health.

I enjoy food as much as anyone, and I don’t have a disciplined exercise routine – I’m a pretty normal person really.


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Warm and healthy wishes

Dr Julie Coffey