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As author of Living the Slim Life Dr Julie Coffey was invited to be a part of the Channel 4 documentary The Truth About Slim People, which was aired in 2017.

Two ‘naturally slim’ people were observed with the aim of discovering the truth about being slim - without dieting or doing a gruelling or fixed exercise regime.

One of the main conclusions coming out of this observation was that the advice of ‘eat less do more’ is outdated rubbish that doesn’t work!

Weight loss and great health are part of life as a whole, and can’t simply be boiled down to the latest fad diet. Your health and weight are tied in to your beliefs, your mind-set, and the way you think – this drives your behaviour which ultimately shapes your health and your weight.

The upshot is – to change your weight you need to change your everyday behaviour, which means changing your mind-set. Once you do that you’ll maintain your ideal body weight on autopilot – just like the two people in the program.

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