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At least 80% of health conditions needing long-term tablets are preventable and often REVERSIBLE!

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Meet Dr. Julie Coffey

I'm a conventionally trained doctor and work as a GP in Sheffield. I also love the natural health work I'm involved in now. It's done me the power of good and it's hugely satisfying to help people reach better health naturally which sometimes enables them to chuck their pills away.

The thing that gives me a real buzz is taking someone from their belief of not being able to achieve the health and weight they want, to the point that they know that they can, and then they do it!

Uber Health Programs

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Sleep Well

Good sleep is the best anti-aging treatment in existence, & helps reverse many health problems.

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Uber Slim Course

Uber Slim is a 12-week behaviour-change program that includes everything you need to get slim.

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Lower Your Blood Pressure Naturally

Avoid The Number One Cause Of Premature Death

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Gwen Sheeny

Over the last 5 years my weight increased and I jumped 2 dress sizes. I thought it was "middle age spread” and unavoidable.


Julie's material was like a light bulb switching on in my head, and after only 3 weeks I felt a huge difference and people were already commenting. I had dropped a dress size already and I felt so good!


My appetite had decreased and I had tons more energy. I actually feel good about myself again, and all this without going on a diet !

John Yates - after

John Yates

My waistline had expanded a considerable number of inches over the years and I had been suffering for years with terrible indigestion - I had to sleep propped up to try and alleviate the pain of heartburn, just to get some sleep.


My wife invested in Uber Slim and I did everything she did too.


Now I'm asked asked by friends 'what my secret is' because I've lost so many inches. I'm looking and feeling the best I've done for years.

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