There Has Never Been A Better Time To Be A Menopausal Woman!

In the 21st century we have everything available to us to feel the best we ever have.

But you need access to good, accurate, and safe information to achieve that - this can be tricky, even from your doctor.

I currently offer workshops or a one to one chat with me which will set you on the path to a much happier and energetic menopause.

weight gain during menopause

More dates coming soon for in-person workshops

The online version for the introduction 'taster' workshop is available online 

Individual 1 hour consultations available online with Dr Julie Coffey


You'd think as a doctor I'd be well placed to sort myself out when my menopause hit me, but not so much!

I think part of that is until you get there you don't exactly how it's going to hit you as an individual - so many things can go wrong. It turns out I didn't have the knowledge and know how to sort out the problems I was having - but I went and found out.

It's taken me months of trial and error and lots of money to put myself back together, but it's been 100% worth it as I feel pretty amazing these days, like I did when I was much younger.

These workshops are exactly what I would have wanted when I realised I needed help, because I didn't know exactly what to do.

When I went looking for answers I didn't find them all conveniently located in one place, I ended up sifting through so much stuff. If all the information I needed had been in one place I'd have saved not only a lot of life energy but also a lot of money!

What I have come to know is women's health and well-being at this stage of life is a pretty specialised area, and a lot of women are being short-changed.

The other thing I know is menopausal women are at a significant crossroads when it comes to their health. Choices you make now will have a big impact not only on how you feel right now, but especially on your health later.

Fast Track To Little Old Lady?

The symptoms that you're having now are probably bad enough in themselves - insomnia, crashing energy, brain fog, hot sweats, and you might be feeling like you're losing it completely. Many women just don't feel like themselves anymore.

As bad as all the 'now' stuff is, it is not the whole story about menopause. Potentially there is worse to come - depending on choices you make now.

There's a general expectation that once you hit middle-age it's all downhill. Menopause can certainly put you in the fast lane on that trajectory.

Working in the 'health service' it's clear to me it supports that downhill spiral by spending the vast majority or time and resources on disease management, instead of showing people how to restore their health.

We can buck that trend with everything available to us now - but you need to know about it!

I'm choosing to buck the trend because I want to enjoy my life in good health and be full of energy for a lot longer.

Do you want that too? If you do - it's time to take action.

You Are At A Crossroads

When you're in the thick of menopause symptoms, struggling to get through the day, you probably don't realise you're at a significant crossroads with your health.

Carry on as you are and before long (if not already) you will enter the 'disease management' system, aka as conventional medicine. This is the common, accepted, and normal thing to do. Most women do it. It's what's expected.

The amount of times I've heard women even in their 50s and 60s shrug off symptoms and illness by saying "Well it's because I'm getting older, what can I expect!"

This attitude and lack of knowledge is the route of declining energy levels, increasingly regular visits to the doctor's, a growing list of pharmaceutical drugs and creeping decrepitude.

Or you could choose to turn away from this, because as far as I'm concerned all of the above is a choice these days. Many women make this choice out of ignorance because they don't know about the alternative.

Too many women put their health totally in their doctor's hands. Our medical education doesn't train us to restore health when it's lost. We're taught to suppress symptoms with drugs.

Symptom suppression is not health.

You've got the opportunity to buck this trend of getting old before your time by rebooting your system, giving it a generous injection of energy, and winding your biological clock back.

There Is A Lot A Stake For You!

If you're in the full swing of your menopause you might be feeling like crap, and that's bad enough (especially as there's no need!!)

However, worse is yet to come if you don't also have your eye on the bigger picture.

If you haven't started a serious maintenance programme for your health yet - your decline has started.

This decline will continue, and you will suffer the consequences. I see this every day in my work as a GP, and it's heart-breaking, because it doesn't need to be like this. Here's just a few examples:

  • Heart disease is the biggest killer of women - it's largely avoidable, you don't need to die early of this.
  • Alzheimer's is more common in women - it kills as many of us as breast cancer, it's preventable.
  • Frailty and bone fractures lead to as many deaths as breast cancer too - again avoidable.

It was looking at the bigger picture that really gave me the kick up the backside to get my arse in gear to create a holistic and well researched plan. This has not only given me my energy and health back now, but given me great confidence about my future health and happiness.

What choice will you make for yourself?

Continue to stoically plod through your menopause, crossing your fingers you won't become a regular at your doctor's?

Or buck the trend and take advantage of what's available to you in the 21st century as middle-aged women.

I've made my choice and I'd like you with me.


What I'm Going To Share With You

I've come up with an 8 step plan which I'll share with you with the help of my good friend Koreen Clements over the course of 6 workshops.

We will cover:

  1. How to restore your energy so you can live life to the full again.
  2. Is HRT right for you? Is it safe? Will it give you breast cancer? HRT has had a bad rap, but what's real story?
  3. How food can help or worsen your symptoms. Find out how to increase your energy, help hot flushes, improve your sleep, and much more.
  4. How to restore your sleep and feel ready for the day ahead.
  5. How targeted supplements can help with energy, strength and sleep. Stop wasting money on things that don't work.
  6. How to transform your body with right type of exercise for a menopausal women. This takes minutes per week, not hours!
  7. How to reverse the aging effects of stress and bring balance back to your life.
  8. And maybe the most important of all - join other women on this journey, because there is no need to do this alone.

More Dates Coming!

Are You Ready To Join Us?

If you'd like a short taster session before commiting to the deeper dive of the 6 week course why not come to the next 3 hour workshop, which is only £15 and even gets you a cup of tea 🙂

This one-time workshop will give you plenty to think about, and many actionable steps that will help you feel so much better.

We're doing this at Koreen's yoga studio at Hot Yoga Sheffield, 26-28 Commonside, Sheffield, S10 1GB.

The studio is quite small so numbers are very limited. Every workshop to date has sold out.

More dates coming after Coivd-19

Here's what woman are saying about these workshops:

"I loved all of it, I was so worried about starting the menopause after listening to horror stories but now I feel so much more better informed to deal with it. I am very much looking forward to the full 6 weeks course. Thank you so much for this it’s life changing." Liz

"It was such a positive empowering workshop. Julie and yourself have hit on something great here. I think there is such a call for this conversation and to have you girls find solutions to symptoms and ways to ensure women are properly informed and can make choices to optimise our own health is just brilliant. Felt really looked after." Lisa

Hi Julie,
Just an update I came to your first menopause workshop, as I felt awful I spoke to my doctor & she has let me go back on oestrogen only ERT in spite of having had breast cancer. I can't tell you how much better I feel, the aches & pains in all my joints are going & I have more energy. I wouldn't have asked her if I hadn't come to your workshop, so thank you.


Watch This Space For The Date For The Next Course

Feel free to get in touch if you have any questions at

Here's to an amazing 2020!

Dr Julie

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