Are You Ready To Do What It Takes To Lose Weight?

 Are you ready to get your health back? Are you ready to stop dieting?

Start With The First Step

Generally the diet industry and the medical community are still approaching weight loss as a ‘calories in calories out’ thing, a simple formula of ‘eat less do more’.

This is completely outdated bollocks and successful weight loss for most people needs a holistic approach - which starts with what you've got going on in your head.

A common starting point for people wanting to lose weight is to DO the things you think you should DO to HAVE what you want, e.g. better health, slimmer body. You go on a diet and maybe try and do more exercise, thinking this is what you have to DO.

But just for a second look at that person you know who stays slim from one year to the next. Are they on a diet the whole time?

To lose your weight you have to create the ‘slim person mind-set’ FIRST, or at the very least - as you go along.

You have to BE a slim person first. It’s only then that you can DO the things a slim person actually does, and with relative ease too. This does not include dieting. You can’t expect a computer to do something if the software isn’t there to make it possible.

It’s the same with the overweight person without the slim mind-set.

Cultivate the slim mind-set and BE the slim person you want to be. Then you're able to DO what's required to HAVE what you want.

About 95% of overweight people will never shift their weight because they will not stop dieting and tackle the real problem. Are you going to continue being one of those people?

You can read more about mind-set at Think Yourself Slim.


Let’s say you’re on a restrictive diet and losing weight. How do you know the weight you’re losing is fat?

tips to improve sleep

Short sleep results in more weight loss from lean muscle than it does from fat. When you’re not getting enough sleep your body becomes very stingy at giving up fat

Also, short sleep will increase hunger and appetite by messing up the hormones running your appetite.

Most adults need between 7 and 9 hours sleep per night. If you’re getting less than you need and you’re dieting – you could be losing more muscle than fat.

Sleep is an essential ingredient.


The Western diet is dominated by ‘food’ that isn’t food. I’m talking about sugar, refined carbs and fats, and added chemicals. This is a total shit-storm that leads to

  • malnutrition due to lack of nutrition (not the same as calories)
  • lack of energy
  • weight that is stubborn to shift due to a suppressed metabolism
  • food addiction in the susceptible

A shift to eating food Mother Nature has provided gives your body the nutrition it needs and will decrease your appetite and increase your energy.

Products from diet companies make me laugh (not in a good way), because they are full of the same crap that have got you overweight in the first place, only more expensive!

If you’re like most people you already know how to eat better than you do, but you’re just no doing it. This is down to your mind-set – you cannot do what you’re not programmed to do, not for very long anyway.

Many people I’ve worked with have a fear of deprivation which acts as a massive block to you losing your weight. At your starting point you’re afraid of being hungry and having to give up all your favourite foods – typical diet mentality.

If this is you - you've got to get past it or you'll keep sabotaging yourself.

Find out more about food and weight loss here.


Your muscles burn and store energy, so the more tone you’ve got the better you handle the calories you eat.

A great reason excuse people give for not exercising is lack of time. I mean just how long does it take to do a brisk 10 minute walk most days? How long does it take to do the maximum number squats you can do in one go? These are 2 examples of effective exercise for weight loss that don't take long.

For some reason a lot of people still think exercise takes ages. It does not! But it’s a handy excuse for not doing any isn't it?

Maybe you need better information about exercise.


How do you hold yourself accountable as you’re losing weight?

For something big like weight loss most people struggle at times and this is normal! It's good to have someone else to check in with on a regular basis – someone who can challenge you in a supportive way if you haven’t done what you said you were going to do.

How do you keep motivated to keep going? Who’s around to support you? Who's in your corner and there for you?


Restrictive diets don’t work, and until you leave these behind you are highly unlikely to lose your weight and keep it off. Also – restrictive diets do not give your body what it needs to be well, and over time you will get ill - perhaps high blood pressure, type 2 diatebe, even cancer.

Improving your mind-set is the place to start, because without it anything you do is built on sand. The first sign on trouble (i.e. normal life) and you’ll return to your old ways.

A healthy slim body is one that is fed nutrition as opposed to just calories. Making that shift over to nutrition will raise your energy which will naturally have you being more active.

Good sleep is the bedrock of good physical and mental health. If you leave this out of your weight loss plan you’ll be throwing a big spanner in the works.

Diets don't work because they don't even get the nutrition aspect right. But they also leave out the mind-set you need to be slim and ignore the importance of sleep.

For most people weight loss requires a complete overhaul of their lifestyle. This may be challenging but when you do it right it can also be fun. And of course - it's much more fun feeling good which is what getting your health back will give you.

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