Can’t Lose Weight? Could This Be a Reason?

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Do you ever experience ravenous hunger that must be satisfied right now, or you might pull someone’s head off?

It happened to me the other day and I wanted to share this with you, as it may help you if you are trying to lose weight.

I noticed something on this particular day and if I hadn’t already learned this lesson it’s just the sort of thing I would put in my journal/notebook (to make sure I remember the lesson) – as it is valuable insight.

I went out for lunch with a new friend. My knowledge about nutrition does influence what I choose off the menu but I don’t get all silly about it and restrict myself to a bowl of salad in an effort to avoid all things not entirely good for me e.g. refined carbs. I know my system can easily deal with these things because most of the time I eat the right stuff.

Usually when it’s getting to that time when I have my evening meal I notice a gentle hunger that gradually grows. There is nothing urgent about it. At some point I eat, there’s no “I’ve got to have food and I’ve got to have it now!”

On this particular evening it was very different…

For a start I got hungry a lot earlier than usual. Also I felt REALLY, REALLY hungry very quickly. I didn’t eat straight away as I wanted to do something first. By the time I got home I was feeling a little irritable, I had a very slight headache and I NEEDED to eat NOW!!! I was ready to stuff my face on the first thing I could grab. Why was I feeling like this?

At lunch time I had a vegetable curry with white rice and nan bread. It was this meal that got me into the ‘I MUST EAT NOW AND I MUST EAT A LOT’ state a few hours later.

Find out why next week at how getting into this state sets you up for massive over eating. And of course – what to do to prevent this.

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