Getting Stronger Against Covid 19

If you’re worried about getting Covid 19, and especially if you’re in one of the higher risk groups – there is much you can do to help yourself.

You have time to make significant improvements in your general health which will make you more resilient, and reduce the severity of your illness when/if you get it. And considering this isn’t going away anytime fast I think everyone should do this.

The human body has innate intelligence to deal with new infections, but we need to support that intelligence by giving our body what it needs work properly. Equally we need to stop doing the things that mess the body up.

It is NOT too late to start doing that.

It is possible to make BIG leaps in the right direction in very little time. If you do this you’ll improve your health, improve your immune system, and decrease your risk of a severe illness as a result of Covid 19.

The big question for you is – do you think enough of yourself to give your body what it needs to get stronger?

I’m not in a high risk group as such, but I’ll coming into contact with more of the virus than most so I’m upping my game with the healthy stuff. None of this in new, none of it will surprise you, but there has never been a more important time to get on and do this stuff!


Give your body proper whole, natural food.

Completely avoid sugar, refined carbs, and processed food – all of these hamper your immune system.

Keep alcohol very moderate – this really depresses your immune system. If I was in a high risk group I’d knock it on the head completely for the time being.

There are a number of supplements you can take to support your immune system, this was the first information I sent out – details here.

Since I sent that email out more information has come to light about the importance of vitamin D3, which you may have seen if you’re connected with me on Facebook. If not – here it is.

Even though we’re on lock down – get outside as much as you can with plenty of skin exposed. Getting vitamin D the naturally is the best way, but take the supplements too to get your levels up.

Movement And Exercise

Movement is medicine for the body.

It’s said that too much sitting is the new smoking, and I believe that to be true.

Now really isn’t the time to be a total couch potato as inactivity will depress your immune system.

At the time of writing we’re still allowed out once per day for exercise, but that may stop. Until it does – make the most of it and get some sun exposure and fresh air while you’re at it.

I’ve seen loads of exercise stuff go online. My own yoga studio are streaming classes online. I’ve seen personal coaches on social media put free stuff up to help people stuck at home.

I’ve got several short but intense routines I do a home normally anyway. I like Tabata – it’s a 4 minute workout made up of 20 seconds bursts of exercise with 10 seconds rest. You’ll find loads of examples on You Tube, here’s just one:

You Tube is full of exercise videos, have a look and find something you like.


Really important to keep a lid on stress and anxiety because that suppresses the immune system too. I know that might not be easy for but everything you do to calm yourself down will make you stronger.

What Helps Stress Helps Your Immune System Too


Stay Safe

This situation is going to be going on for some time. Each person’s risk continues until we’ve had it and come out of the other side. Although there will be a vaccine at some point the experts as saying it’s not likely to be ready for mass use for another 12-18 months. I can’t imagine I’ll dodge it for that long!

If you haven’t taken care of your body as well as you could have done – now is the time to get into top gear.

There is time for you to protect yourself by giving your body what it needs to be the strongest it can be, but you haven’t got time to put it off anymore. It’s time to crack on.

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Stay well, stay safe

Dr Julie

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