2 Simple Things That Help You Lose Weight

Does what you want for your weight and health seems like an impossibly big jump from where you are now?

If it does it probably means you’re spending too much of your energy focusing on what you’ve got right now.

To change you need to start shifting your energy away from what you don’t want in your life, and towards what you do want instead. You do this by making small shifts every day.

A lot of people spend their energy fixed on what’s wrong, which literally keeps all the shit firmly in place in your life – be that excess weight or any other crap you don’t actually want anymore. This ‘life is crap’ and ‘I’m so fat’ focus is a miserable way to carry on and if definitely holding you back.

Last year I found myself in a situation that needed me to be on ‘top form’ to sort it out. Because it’s only when I’m on ‘top form’ that I can get important stuff done. You might need to get on ‘top form’ to sort your weight/health problem out.

So let’s ignore what you’re eating for now and get down to the basic things that work when you want to make a big life change and get exactly what you want.

You have to take you eye off the crap – stop telling yourself you’re fat, stop telling yourself it’s someone else’s fault that you’re fat, or someone else’s responsibility to help or make it easy for you. Until you take FULL responsibility for your health you’re going to remain stuck.

Do you really want to be in the same boat this time next year, or in 5 years time?

If the answer is “no”, things have to change with you.

When you work on you, and start making small shifts every day, doing things that work – you’ll get lasting results. And you’ll also feel happier.

So what works?

Take your eye off the crap in your life, and turn it towards the better stuff.

By lifting your level of happiness, you make yourself feel better about you, which in turn makes you feel worth the effort. You can start doing this in two really simple ways. In fact they’re so simple you’re in danger of overlooking them and not bothering to try them.

Practice Gratitude

Every morning before you start your day, ideally before you get out of bed – call to mind at least 5 things you’re grateful for.

Even better – write them down. They could be anything – your dog, your kids, your comfy bed, the nice mealy you had last night, the facet you have a roof over your head.

Celebrate The Positive

At the end of each day call to mind the small (or big!) positive wins and things that have happened. Again, this is more powerful when you write it down – coffee with a good friend, you gave a compliment and made someone smile, you didn’t overeat and felt in control, you had a lovely walk in the sunshine with your dog.

These to very simple things work because they get you feeling better about yourself and your life – because it’s getting you to look at what is already good. The more you look at good, the more good there is to see.

Taking Responsibility

Weight loss is totally about taking responsibility for your own actions and choices. It’s not up to anyone else, although the right people can help to guide and support you.

But at the end of the day it’s up to you.

I challenge you to do these two very simple quick and easy things, and then drop me line to let me know what effect they’ve had on you.

Have a grateful week.

Dr Julie

PS Weight loss is really all in the mind, when you crack it there the game is won. Get a copy of my book here.



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