best alcoholic drinks for weight loss

Best Alcoholic Drinks For Weight Loss

I often get asked what the best alcoholic drinks for weight loss are, and my answer is pretty simple really.

As a doctor and a healthy person myself, I’m interested in my health as well as being slim. So I’m answering this question making the assumption you’re being really good because you value your health too.

That in mind – my women readers rarely drink over 14 units of alcohol per week. And you guys don’t exceed 21 units very often. That’s because to regularly go beyond that isn’t healthy, regardless of the impact it has on your weight.

So, taking the fact that you’re really good and drinking in a healthy way – the best alcoholic drinks for weight loss doesn’t need to be an issue at all. Because when you’re drinking safely the calories you’re drinking in a week, compared to your calorie intake from food are pretty insignificant, so making changes here isn’t going to make much difference.

The other thing to bear in mind about alcohol, despite the odd bit of BS hype now and then, is that it isn’t good for you – full stop.

I drink alcohol, but I don’t kid myself I’m getting any health benefits. There might be other benefits – the obvious effect and the fact I like it. I don’t drink enough for the calories to be an issue, so when I drink I have exactly what I want – because what’s the point if you’re not actually enjoying it?

The Best Alcoholic Drinks For Weight Loss

The best alcoholic drinks for weight loss are exactly what you want within safe drinking habits. This is not an area to be bothered about regarding your weight loss – unless you’re overdoing it on the amount you drink.

If you’re regularly going over either 14 or 21 units in a week then these calories will obviously add up and be adding to your weight issue. Do you need to have a sober and hard look at your alcohol intake, rather than asking what the best alcoholic drinks for weight loss…??

If you’re not boozing too much – chill out about this and enjoy a drink, focus your energy on things that will make a difference.

Have a great week, bottoms up!

Dr Julie


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