How To Cure Diabetes

I met a 26 year old patient last week, who came in to have her blood pressure treatment increased, as advised by a recent visit to the specialised diabetic hospital clinic. She was on shed loads of tablets.

I looked at this 26 year old young women, who got diagnosed with type 2 diabetes 6 months previously, and could clearly see how she was going to end up. So I asked her, “Where do you see your health in 10 years time, when you’re 36?”

She had a lot of insight, she knew what was likely to happen, but didn’t feel she could change this ‘inevitable outcome’. She had been told at the hospital that this was a life-long condition…. What bloody rubbish!

First I explained how she got diabetes, see last week’s blog for this.

How to Cure Diabetes

Then I went on to tell her how the people who are either given the right information, or refuse to accept the rubbish and find out for themselves, find out how to cure diabetes.

She had understood how she had developed diabetes, and it wasn’t much of a leap for her to figure out how to cure diabetes. You simply take away the cause.

I told her about a 65 year old patient who transformed his eating habits and lifestyle, and as a result said goodbye to his diabetes. He largely did this by himself, by finding the right information and acting on it. These are the main things he did:

1. He reduced to a minimum the carbs that shoot blood sugar up – refined carbs and sugar
2. He generally reduced his carb intake
3. He chose slow release carbs when he did eat them
4. He increased his activity bu walking more

Over the course of 9 months he lost the best part of 4 stone. He felt great, his energy levels were higher than he could ever remember. All of his blood tests had returned to normal, he was no longer diabetic – all of his medication was stopped.

Unfortunately he is one of the few exceptions to the rule. There could be more if people were given the right information, and right support. You have more control over your health than you think.

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Have an Uber Healthy week.

Dr Julie

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  1. Even when I was at medical school (which wasn’t that long ago), this was a disease of old age. Even kids get this now! It’s frightening to think where this is going to end up – and all the suffering that goes along with it.

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