Too Fat To Exercise

“I’m too fat to exercise!” was the response I got, when I included exercise in my advice to a friend who wanted to lose weight.

I had to laugh, because this simply wasn’t true. This lovely lady can walk, so that means she can exercise. Exercise doesn’t have to mean going for a run or to the gym.

Too Fat To Exercise – Rarely True

It’s rarely true because most people can get up out of bed and walk. Those who have read my book or been on my course know that simple walking is the bedrock of a sound ‘exercise’ plan. Hardly anyone is too fat to exercise!

I’ve known this lovely lady, who is in her early 70s, for a few years. Over that time I’ve noticed her getting bigger. In the same time I’ve noticed her activity getting less. She used to walk up to the local shops, but doesn’t these days. This is not down to age, it’s down to getting short of breath due to being so overweight.

Unfortunately she sees getting out of breath as a bad thing, and something to avoid. This is a BIG mistake. By getting out of breath (regardless of how little it takes to do this), she would not only burn up some fat but would also challenge her lung capacity.

If you never challenge your lung capacity, by doing something to get out of breath, your lungs will shrink – just like unused muscle would. Use it or lose it.

By gaining more weight her lungs have to work even harder when she moves her body.

This lady’s ‘fear’ of getting out of breath has her in vicious cycle of worsening health and increasing weight.

Too Fat To Exercise – Where To Start

In this case she gets short of breath after about 50 meters. So my advice?

Walk 50 meters and then stop to get your breath back. Then walk home! Even this small amount is a 100% better than what she’s done for months.

It is only when you accept your starting point, and actually make your start there, that you can break this cycle.

She could start doing this now, and by this time next year she could have lost a significant amount of weight and be able to walk to the local shops again. If she doesn’t – well she might be housebound instead. What a choice, but there is a choice there.

Many people say I’m too fat to exercise and just give up. They don’t have to think about it anymore, their mind is closed – nothing to do. You can do this of course, if you’re happy to lose your health. Or you can start at your starting point (and stop wishing that was something else than it is).

If you’d like more information about how to exercise for fat loss get yourself a copy of my book – and no need to wait until January to read it 🙂


Uber Health to you

Dr Julie

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