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NHS Weight Loss – Coming Soon??

A credible and effective NHS weight loss plan doesn’t exist, which is gob-smacking given three facts:

  • The biggest cause of cancer after smoking is obesity
  • The fastest growing disease is type 2 diabetes – caused by obesity.
  • Obesity related diseases are crippling the NHS

What’s the government doing about it? Pretty much ***k all.

What’s the NHS doing about it? The people working in the NHS are doing their best, which isn’t much because the resources aren’t provided either in terms of finances or expertise, and the staff struggle with their weight as much as everyone else so how can they help you?



NHS Weight Loss – Not Coming Any Time Soon

If you’re looking for help or advice about a particular issue it’s important to speak with someone who knows what they’re talking about, and is walking their talk. After all, would you take financial advice from a financial adviser who’s skint? Or would you ask a vegan the best way to cook a joint of meat?

So why ask a health professional how to achieve your ideal weight if they’re not at theirs?

If the NHS (which is government led remember) were serious about dealing with the obesity problem it might get its own house in order first by promoting health in its health providing work force, and help staff shed their excess pounds.

Do you think the NHS would be more credible if they led by example?

But I can’t see that happening because of many reasons, and one of the big ones is lack of recognition of the role of food addiction in obesity. If this was recognized the food industry would be in the spotlight – just like the tobacco industry has been.

Food addiction is not even properly recognised by the NHS, in fact on the NHS website it’s pretty much disputed. Even quoting – They also say that “food addiction” may be used as an excuse for overeating.

So it comes back to the ‘eat less and do more’ pretty much.

What are your views on food addiction? I’d love to know.

Here’s some info about sugar addiction.

If you’re working in the NHS and you’d love to make a difference to people struggling with their weight – please get in touch.

If you’re working with patients in the NHS and you’re struggling with your own weight – I’d like to hear from you too.

Have a great week

Dr Julie

PS Have you tried this quiz yet?

Do you have what it takes to lose weight?

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