You May Not Realise It, But There Is A Quick Way To Lose Weight

“I need to find a quick way to lose weight!” This came from a friend of mine who had a much needed knee operation postponed until she had lost 2 stone (28lb) in weight.

I don’t normally champion a quick way to lose weight, even though it is very possible. The reason I don’t is because you need a high level of motivation, and it often takes time to develop the mindset needed to achieve this. However, this woman was motivated as she couldn’t even walk her little boy to school due to her knee. So game on!

Create Your 12 Week Plan

12 weeks is ample time to lose  28lb if you do the right things. 12 weeks is also a relatively short amount of time, so there’s no time for slacking – every week is vital, in fact every day is really important. When you need a quick way to lose weight, you need a carefully thought out plan.

First of all you need the foundation of your plan, your goal. For my friend it was simple – ‘I have had my operation and I can walk my little boy to school again’.

Secondly you need a plan that will bridge the gap between where you are now, and where you intend to be. My friend made a list of things to include in her plan:

Remind myself everyday why I’m doing this

Seeing herself walking her child to school again (something that she can’t do now) is highly motivating, this will keep her on track with the rest of the plan. Healthier decisions become the common thing to do, without feeling deprived. There is now something much bigger and more important than eating that piece of cake.

Learn about health as I go along

She wants to understand why I’ve advised her to include certain things in this plan. This will help her continue on this track even after her knee is sorted out.

Drink 8 glasses of water each day

Keeping properly hydrated reduces appetite.

Do some kind of exercise everyday – swimming or chair-based

This obviously helps with weight loss, but it also gets her body in better shape – she’ll recover from her operation quicker.

When eating, have a copy of the Hunger Scale next to me

My friend admits to regularly eating when she’s not hungry, and past being full. Having this next to her serves as a great reminder to tune in and listen to her stomach when she’s eating, or even just thinking of eating.

Tackle my problem with eating in response to stress

She’s had a long term problem with comfort eating, and she now has the motivation and tools to finally conquer this monster.

Eliminate processed food, eat whole foods instead.

Processed and refined food tends to ramp your appetite right up. Eating real food not only nourishes your body, but decreases your appetite too – with consequent fewer calories taken in.

Keep a daily record of my progress

She’s going to check in with herself everyday and tick off what she’s done, and scrutinise the reasons why some things may not have been done. What gets measured tends to get done.

Why This 12 Week Plan Is A Quick Way To Lose Weight

The motivation is built in at the very heart of this plan. The reason ‘why’ is big and empowering. A big reason why steamrollers over daily temptations and laziness, keeping you on track with the rest of your plan.

To make this a quick way to lose weight for you, identity your own inspiring reason as to why you want to lose weight. This is the most important thing to do!

Then work out the most effective steps for you that will take you to your goal.

Track your progress with a 12 week journal or diary – even doing 85% of your plan will probably be enough. Perfection is not needed!


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Have a fantastic week!

Dr Julie

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