what are the best fats to eat

What Are The Best Fats To Eat?

You need to eat good fats for your best health and your ideal weight, so what are the best fats to eat?

Within Uber Slim I divide fats into the good, the bad, and the ugly.


Clever marketing has got a lot of people convinced that hydrogenated fats (found in margarine) are healthier than something natural like butter. This is complete and utter bollocks.

Margarine was ‘invented’ in  a laboratory as a cheap alternative to butter that wouldn’t go off. It’s dyed yellow to make it look like butter. How exactly can that possibly be healthy?

The only thing worse than hydrogenated fats are trans fats. These are found in food fried in vegetable oil. Oil changes with high heat producing toxic compounds including trans fats – a health nightmare.

Animal Fats

Animal fats are at least normal. However this isn’t always strictly the case with modern farming methods. They’re found in in meat, eggs, and dairy.

In recent decades in the West people are eating more and more saturated fat and it’s contributing to common diseases that end life prematurely. It plays a significant role in type 2 diabetes.

You might be shocked about the one of the most fattening meats of all!

Although fats found in oily fish are healthier I have two big issues with it:

  1. Farmed fish does not have the same balance of healthy fats found in wild fish
  2. Wild fish are unfortunately contaminated with the ever rising pollution in the sea

Plant Fats

Plant fats are found in seeds, nuts, olives, avocados.

These tend to be monounsaturated and polyunsaturated.

They are best eaten in their raw state.

These fats are not associated with health,disease, or weight gain.

What Are The Best Fats To Eat?

So what are the best fats to eat?

The fat you eat obviously effects your body and weight, but not all fats do so in the same way.

Hydrogenated and trans fats are not found in nature, they are very definitely the ‘ugly fats’. These are man-made ‘pretend food’.

Your body has trouble dealing with these and they are strongly linked to disease. They’re best avoided as much as possible.

In countries with high saturated fat intake there is a lot more or the illnesses that finish us off early, particularly type 2 diabetes. It’s good to give your body a rest at least a couple of days a week and choose healthier sources of fat instead.

Plant-based fats are health promoting and can aid weight loss too, so hands down they are the healthiest way to get your fat.

How much do you know about being healthy? Have you taken the quiz?

Have a great week!

Dr Julie

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