fat and depressed

Moving Beyond Fat And Depressed

Fat and depressed? It can be a miserable place to be.

You might feel stuck and helpless to get out of the rut you’re in. But there is something you can do to get the ball rolling, and it’s pretty easy as you’ll see.

Fat and Depressed

If you’re fat and depressed, your low mood is telling you that you want something different. If you’ve been like this for a while it’s time for a change in what you’re doing (or not doing). Because if nothing changes with you, nothing changes!

If you’re not in the habit of being happy (regardless of other people and outside circumstances), then it’s going to take a bit a work! This ‘work’ is easy, but the trouble with easy things are that they’re easy not to do too.

And you also want to lose weight too.

Consider this – is being in a state of depression a resourceful mental state?

Does it put you at a great starting place to change your lifestyle to enable you to lose weight?

Or does it make you feel that you can’t be bothered because nothing works anyway. Everything’s a struggle, you have no motivation, and you feel resigned to the ‘fact’ that this is how it’s going to stay.

You success is far more likely when you put yourself into a resourceful state – which means being happier. People are more resourceful when they’re happier because we’re more open to trying new things, more robust to the knocks along the way, and we are more resilient to deal with normal life as we are losing weight at the same time.

I’ve heard it said many times “I’ll be happy when I’m slim”. But the chances are high that if you don’t move yourself into a more resourceful state first – you will stay fat and depressed.

Getting yourself happier first puts you into a more resourceful state of mind. This massively increases your chances of success with losing your weight, which in turn will help with your mood even more. A positive cycle begins if you allow it to.

Bridging the Gap

It’s a shame there isn’t a quick switch to flick, but it is easy to make a start.

This is so simple, and if you do it every day for 4 weeks you will notice a shift in your mood.

Even in the un-resourceful state you might be in now, you can commit 5 minutes per day can’t you??

Experiment with this over the next 4 weeks – do it every day and then let me know how you got on:

  1. Before you get out of bed think of things you’re grateful for. Keeping thinking of them until your mood is at least neutral (ideally positive), and then get up!
  2. Throughout the day look for things to feel happy about and smile.
  3. Before going to sleep – write 3 things down that were good about your day.

I did this when I went through a low point, and I still do it now.

At the start I was convinced I had nothing to be grateful for as I laid in bed feeling like shit.

But… I was lying in a comfortable bed with a roof over my head, I was warm, and my little dog was downstairs eagerly waiting for me. That’s where I started. There are always things to feel good about, we have just got in the habit of taking them for granted.

These 3 steps are so easy, but I know from personally using them how powerful they are.

The trouble with easy things though – they are so easy not to do too..

Have a great week!

Dr Julie

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